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What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

What do I love most about myself? My ability to eventually come to equilibrium. I say eventually because sometimes it takes a while. Somethings need to move around or change in order for equilibrium to settle in.

I also love my ability to make real work connections and examples with the information I tutor my students in. It seems to help them a lot, its fun to do and really makes sense of science. 

What do I love about my favorite person? Honestly, I can’t say that I have a favorite person. I love my students. I love the kind of connection you can have with them where you learn and grow together. You sometimes see them at their worst and definitely at their best. Seeing what they are capable of and helping them to realize that too. Going on their ups and downs with them makes me appreciate them more and my life more too. 

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Nobody (wants to) knows it, but me…

Serenity and My Urban Autistic Perspective

I remember the day my husband and I received the autism diagnosis. It was the week following the 4th of July, 2011. A couple of months prior, I had been worried and very leery of the regressive behavior that my baby girl was exhibiting. I tried to talk to anyone, my dad, my husband, my sister…. Anyone – I just needed for someone to believe me when I said “Serenity is going backwards.”.

Serenity had be regressing so much that I was even accused of nelecting her emotional needs by a former friend of vine. She felt I must not have been paying enough attention to her, because she didn’t want to talk to anyone, she didn’t like being around anyone but myself and her dad, but especially her dad, and she was just not cheerful anymore. We fell out. Hard.

i did what I had to do. I called…

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Educational Opportunities For Those Diagnosed With Autism

LAX Autism Awareness

One of the most pressing issues families face when dealing the Autism Spectrum disorder is providing a good education. Here in the LaCrosse area there are multiple schools that will help provide that education. Partners in Excellence is one of these schools who is known to provide an exceptional education for these children. 

Another school well known for providing specialized education programs in the La Crosse area is Chileda. Chileda provides individual education plans for children who would not be able to get the same level of help from a public school. This schooling can be offered in either a day school or even in the family’s home.

Through these two great education programs offered in the La Crosse area children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are able to receive a quality education.

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