I Run Around

Running is the most natural form of exercise


I’ve noticed something……I’m running at a different speed….here’s the skinny:


On the treadmill I put the speed at between a 4.6 and 5.0 depending on how I feel and my nike app says I’m traveling at a speed of about 9.50 mph.

The last few times I ran on the treadmill I’ve been able to kick it up to a 5.2 and run at my regular pace – around a 9.38 mph.

So what does it mean? Am I getting more efficient?


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Upcoming events

In about two weeks I’ll be racing, or should I say running, in the Young Life 5k. I haven’t signed up for anything else after that. I’m toying around with a few ideas. There is an earth day run for 4.22 miles (get it?), there are a few trail runs coming up that I would like to try and I definitely want to get a couple more longer runs in like an 8k or 10k. Maybe even towards the end of the year, in the late fall when it starts to cool down, I’ll sign up for a half marathon. That has been my goal since I started running again last year.

For a while I trained on the treadmill then early this year I started running outside. I went back to the gym for a while but it was really hard to run on the treadmill. It’s not quite natural. Just like rock climbing indoors won’t really prepare you for outside, running on a treadmill is simulated running. It’s been hard to go back. I planned on going ¬†yesterday and today but things just didn’t work out…..if you know what I mean. It’s been snowing outside too and even though I’ve been doing winter races, I don’t feel a huge amount of motivation to get out that sans race. I’m a bum!

But, when I do back to the gym, which will most likely be tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to be wearing my five fingers. They provide a pretty good run. Aside from my feet swelling and not having enough room to expand in to, they do help with my form and foot placement. Last summer I ran outside barefoot. Once I got used to the ground feel (aka pain of tiny sidewalk topography you never knew was there) I had a pretty enjoyable time. I was moving pretty fast and didn’t have any foot or soleus/gastro pain. I had been battling the soleus/gastro pain for a while. My legs weren’t ¬†used to doing the work that forefoot landing requires. After the 8k I did a few weeks ago I haven’t had any trouble with those muscles either before, during or after a run.

The other thing that waters down my motivation is that I have been able to show up to a race and do relatively fine without preparing much. When that happens it becomes easy to tell yourself while your watching another episode of Mad Men “oh, I’ll be fine. I don’t have to prepare too much to have a good run”. Bad!!!

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