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Blister/Chafing Prevention

A Figment Of Fitness

This is my ‘home made’ version of blister and chafing prevention cream.

equal parts

Desitin Ointment
A & D Ointment
Petroleum Jelly

Add in

Vitamin E cream
Aloe Vera Cream

To make a paste (salve)

if you want a thinner paste, use Vitamin E and Aloe ointment rather than cream.

This kept me from getting blisters when I wore my Tevas for 8 days in the Grand Canyon and it has been keeping me from getting blisters while jogging.  I do have to wear socks or bandages in my Vibrams because the stitching on the Vibrams name rubs a blister faster than I can always keep ahead of it.  But this stuff works wonders.

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One of the 10K’s I did this month was for Run10Feed10. Check out their link:



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Review of goals

I was looking through my past blogs and came across my running goals for the year. And, I’ve met most of them!!! I have one more 8k to run and I’m done! That’s motivation to do the YMCA Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

Running Goals 2013

by secretsquee on April 3, 2013

1. Run a 5k

2. Run another 5k

3. Run an 8k

4. Run another 8k

5. Run a 10k

6. Run another 10k

7. Find my running rhythm – where running is “easy”

8. Speed up at the end of all my races

9. Cross train to become a better runner

10. Do a half marathon!

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