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Happy November!

So sad that Halloween is over but looking forward to cool weather running!

I haven’t gone for a lunch time run yet. I never think about my running gear in the morning – I have to stay focused on feeding the animals, making coffee, taking the dog out, taking a shower and getting ready for work. Not enough room in my mind to remember running stuff! I have to think about it the night before and get a bag together. I think it would help clear my mind during the day.

This month I’m going to do my town’s Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then focus the rest of my time on training. The last few months I chose to do a lot of races and my training sacrificed because of time. Although, you could say I was running so it counted. But I’m talking about the strength training. Ever since I started a strength training program my runs have gotten a lot better. This week I did a few miles on the treadmill after hurting my ankle last week and I could tell how much core strength was giving me power. I could feel it. I could see it in my speed and “togetherness”. I can run at higher treadmill speeds and keep my pace. For abs I do a mix of weighted roll ups, bosu planks and knee ups plus whatever happens in TRX or Crossfit that week. I’ve also added some exercises from the page http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com. I am doing the squat challenge, wall sit challenge, burpee and plank challenge.

I wish I could run more and train more. Working 60 hours a week makes having a workout schedule tough sometimes. Plus taking care of the animals and the house. Sometimes I wonder if I should have kept the fiancee around because he would take up some of the household chores and I would have more time. LOL! But that’s not a good reason to stay in a relationship.

I registered for the Buffalo Half Marathon 2014 this week!! So excited to be running in my home town with friends. It will be awesome. When I did the Fleet Feet 15k this year it went through my hometown and I felt a lot of emotion running on streets I’ve lived on and are a part of me. Running past the neighborhoods and buildings that have been part of my fabric, part of my growing up years.

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How I got faster at running by not doing very much running….

Good stuff!!!

From Strength to Strength

On Sunday I completed the Great South Run in an incredibly windy Portsmouth in a new personal best time of 1:52:37.


The full on headwind in the last two miles slowed me down to what felt like a crawl and stole at least a minute per mile off my pace. In the right conditions I know I would have been even quicker.

So, that’s a personal best time set at every distance I’ve raced over this year. And yet I’ve done a lot less running than I did last year and taken part in far fewer races. So what’s made the difference for me?

1) Losing fat and weight. It’s no secret that being lighter makes it easier to run. I am carrying over a stone less weight than I was for most of 2012 and that’s clearly made a difference to my times

2) Strength training. This has been absolutely key. Thanks to finding Julia Buckley’s  The Fat…

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