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Built to Dance, Or Wheelchair Bound: Serenity’s toe-walking and the hidden dangers behind it.

on November 19, 2013

Serenity and My Urban Autistic Perspective

I was born in ’79, and was walking by the time I turned 1 1/2. I remember that even at a young age, sporting a cute little heel was like eating your favorite piece of chocolate to me, because walking on my toes just felt that good! I could walk, skip, and run, all while doing a balancing act on these toes of mine, and it never hurt, not one bit. I was also what you would call slew-footed, which meant that when I was walking flat on my feet, I was also walking like a friggin penguin. So, staying up on my toes took the ache off my ankles, and, it just felt better to do it that way. But, when I was 12, I decided that before I hit my highschool years, I really wanted to walk flat with my feet pointing front-wise. And so by the time…

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