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Winding down

on November 16, 2013

Its been a long week. My dad came home today. I had to go to work so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Tomorrow I wake up early and meet a co-worker for coffee and Al-Anon chat. Then I’m going to try to make it to TRX, have a few hours off then it’s off to tutoring. I’m going to stop at the piercing place after tutoring then it will be time to go to my parents. I have to help my mom clean up my dad’s room because it was a mess. Drinks spilled and left to stick to the floor, full ashtrays sitting around, laundry, other what-nots. I don’t know what mental state my dad is going to be in. Will he know what happened over the last few days? Will he understand? Will he think it was complications from his other medical conditions apart from the drinking? Will he understand that he was in serious medical condition? Will it matter to him?

I want to have a heart to heart with him. Take him out of the house for some dessert or something, where it’s just him and I. I can tell him I understand how hard it must be for him to deal with all the physical pain he’s in due to his other  health complications, how all the doctors appointments and pills are frustrating. I want to know how he feels, what he wants, what he needs. What is it that you see is the issue? How can you be happier and healthier?

I’m going to try to be open minded even if he says something I don’t like. It has to be his process, not mine. He may want to keep drinking. Then I would say lets look at something else we can improve in his life. What else can we work on. Perhaps improving a different area of his life will leak over to other areas.

Some ideas I have are yoga, talk therapy, flotation therapy, nutritional cleanses, seeing a naturopathic doctor, massage.


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