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Ready to go

on November 15, 2013

Tomorrow I leave my job of 7+ years. Kind of excited! Kind of nervous.

My dad might be coming home this weekend. Which I’m not real excited about. Then the real work begins. Going to the Al-Anon meeting yesterday helped me to remember to take care of myself and not try to control my dad’s behavior. I feel less stressed. But my mom and I will still have to be a presence in his life, a strong one. He has appointments for rehab counseling and I’d like to go with him to AA meetings if he would go. I hope he does at least go to one. Give it a shot, listen. What have you got to lose? I want to go to an AA meeting too and hear the alcoholics stories. I want to understand. I think I have an idea but you don’t really know what it’s like until it is you. It’s never been me to be an alcoholic. I’ve felt it in my body a few times when I did go through drinking stages. But for some reason it never stuck. I’ve never struggled much with addiction, unlike other members of my family. For some reason I would rather work through my problems then drink them away…because the problems are never really gone…they’re still there when you wake up or get through the hangover. And, if you keep drinking to really put it off, you create more and potentially bigger problems. Like with my dad. This time his kidneys were close to failing. When he stayed at the VA his insurance wouldn’t cover that so my parents have a couple thousand dollar medical bill to pay for on their retirement fixed income budget.

What’s it going to be like? Is he going to decrease his drinking? How long will it last? If he does drink again, what will happen? How bad will it get, what will be the havoc on his body and mind? Will he just stop? If he does I think we need to address the underlying issues – mental, physical, emotional. There is some reason(s) why he drinks and just stopping drinking probably isn’t going to stop those reasons.


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