I Run Around

Running is the most natural form of exercise

Fun survey

on November 7, 2013


I found this on Chocolate Covered Race Medals blog – www.chocolatemedals.com

Current Books –

I just started the first book in Game of Thrones. Haven’t gotten very far yet.

Current Music –

Just the two songs on my morning alarms – Die Young by Kesha and Inner Ninja by Classified

Current guilty pleasure –

Calling into work when I’m sick…normally I suck it up and go in but reality checked in and I knew it would be a bad idea all around to go in. 

Current nail color –

No nail color! I haven’t painted my nails in years.

Current drink –

Blue moon Belgian White – I guess I’m feeling better!

Current food –

Three slices of pepperoni pizza. All I’ve eaten in two days.

Current favorite show –

Don’t Trust the B***** in Apt 23

Current wish list – 

I need a new shower head and a larger litter box. 

Current indulgence – 

the three slices of pizza I had for lunch

Current blessing –

my parents – they are so helpful and still take care of me even though they are having a hard time themselves.

Current outfit –

skechers go boots, jeans, and a nasty old sweatshirt

Current Excitement

excited to finally start feeling better! 



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