I Run Around

Running is the most natural form of exercise


on November 2, 2013

Just read about what NaBloPoMo is and I’m going to participate. As long as I can remember every day!

Today things were better for me. This week has been tough sensory wise. Too much sound coming in all different directions, too loud, too soft. The weather had changed and was raining and super windy out. I could hear noise constantly while I was home. Normally its quiet and serene, except for the pitter pat of my animals – which I find soothing and reassuring. There’s nothing like hearing a cute, warm, soft baby kitty purring next to you at night. And feeling my dog cuddle up under the covers next to me.

Finally getting a bit of a schedule down after a lot of changes with work.

I have a goal of making a bunch of meals this weekend for the week so I don’t have to buy lunch every day. I have a pizza pasta mix I’m going to try, plus the steak that’s already cooked. Just cut it up into small bits to put in my salads. Make sure I have bagels for breakfast and some kind of rice or soup side dish. Plus some chocolate! I bought a bag of Hershey’s mini chocolate almond bars for Halloween – I don’t get kids at my house – 😉

For breakfast I have a cup of black coffee and my vitamins/anxiety meds and eat a bagel on the way to work, blueberry plain – no butter, no cream cheese. For lunch I usually have a salad and maybe a sandwich or rice dish, depending on if I buy or bring. For dinner I might have some chicken fingers cooked at home or tuna fish, steak, hot dogs…some kind of meat. A glass of almond/coconut milk sometime during the day with fiber powder in it and that’s me! Food has to have the right mood for me, the right feeling, purpose. Has to be plain unless it’s brown sugar and maple BBQ sauce, ketchup, Himalayan sea salt or real mayonnaise. I like ranch and greek dressing too. That’s it! The overall energy of the food has to be plain and gentle or I get overwhelmed.

I’ve also discovered that I have sensitivities to gluten, lactose and soy. I’ve completely cut soy out of my diet. I actually develop a rash when I ingest it. A nice red, itchy rash. Gluten and lactose give me other problems…of the bathroom sort….so I really limit what I take in.


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