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Nike Women’s 10k

on April 2, 2013

I signed up online to do the Nike Women’s 10k ! With your Nike+ running gear, whether it’s the app, the pod or whatever, you track your runs, run 6.2 miles and upload it to the Nike+ webpage on a certain date. I like to think of it as a global 10k. Wherever you are, as long as you can track and upload, and pay the registration fee, you can participate! I ran with thousands of women all across the world.

In my last post I had said that 8k was the farthest I had ever run. Now I can upgrade that to 10k! I found the perfect loop around my neighborhood – It was exactly 6.22 miles, got my sneakers on, had my Nike+ app on and took off. This time I didn’t warm up or stretch, I just started running. That, I found, was not the most useful plan. The first few miles were tough. I felt uncoordinated, tired, and struggling. After a couple of miles of this I decided to walk for a few minutes. That definitely helped my body acclimatize to what I wanted it to do. After walking I was able to continue running most of the way home.

It was a nice day out, about 50 degrees. I warmed up quickly. Occasionally there was a breeze which was a nice natural air conditioner. Once I broke myself in after about 3 miles the running became easier, I found my stride and rhythm and found it almost to be no work at all to keep going. I love when the running gets like that. Its just a natural movement that your body can sustain over long periods of time. Your breathing is in sync, your legs feel good. Your feet feel like they are landing on air.

At mile 4.5 I was flying. Feeling the fresh air move through my lungs powering my exertion. Sometimes I like to think of my body as a car and the air as my fuel. When I get into a tough spot when running, either mentally or physically, I think of the air moving through my lungs, my diaphragm pulling the air in, my circulatory system sending the air energy through my body, powering it to keep moving forward. It gets me through.

I started up a long low hill. Those can be worse than the short steep hills. The low gradient isn’t usually too bad to maintain but after a long while, when you’re getting close to the top it feels like you don’t have enough glucose for your muscles to finish the hill off. So, close to the top of that long low hill I had to walk. About 30 feet or so and I made it to the top. I  made a deal with myself that I would let myself walk to the top of the hill then I had to start running again. Running  at the top of the hill was great because the land flattened out and in the distance it would start to move downhill.

My feet were taking a pounding as I was moving downhill but I didn’t complain because of the speed I was achieving. I’m not normally a fast runner so when I get some speed, even if it’s help from the earth, I take it.

When I got down the hill it was time to turn the corner and start heading home. Our street is quiet and I was able to enjoy the overhanging trees and greenery in peace. The entire run took me about 1 hr and 30 minutes. I felt so thrilled with myself that I accomplished that long distance.


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