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Bunny Hop 5k 2013

on April 2, 2013

A few of my friends and I signed up for the Bunny Hop 5k, a race the day before Easter. A few weeks ago I had completed the Nike Women’s 10k then promptly got sick. I had the flu and it took me almost a week to recover. That meant I only had a week left to train for the bunny hop. Between all of my responsibilities and being sick, I pretty much did no running in between the 10k and the 5k. I was still feeling a little run down the day of the race but knowing that my two friends were going to be there was motivational enough for me to start getting ready.

There were over 2000 runners in this race! The streets were clogged for quite a while until people started breaking away. The roads wound through the countryside overlooking beautiful vistas of forest, grassland and old farms. At one farm there were three very large white animals. From a distance I thought they were sheep but when I was getting close to the pasture I could tell they were dogs! Very big, very furry white dogs. They were beautiful. Every so often a family would be sitting out in their driveway cheering us on. More than a few people were dressed up with bunny ears, bunny tails, easter colored outfits and there was a santa claus! A little too early buddy!

This course was very hilly too, which ended up making us walk every so often. My friend had eaten right before the race and could feel her breakfast sloshing around in her stomach as she ran. That along with her cramps made her run less than enjoyable for her. I felt bad for her. Me, on the other hand, I was running pretty strong, moving faster than I normally do.

I bought a new running shirt to wear during the race. Up until now I could wear my cold weather gear but it was in the 50’s that day so I didn’t want to over heat. The other shirts I have are short sleeved but the stitching would irritate my new tattoo. I found a 3-quarter length running shirt at Target that would wick moisture, cover my tattoos from the sun and prevent my arm from chafing. Perfect!

Even though I had my new shirt on, it still got pretty warm. There has been a point in every race I’ve done so far where I wish I could peel layers off!

After about 2 miles of up hill we turned and started back downhill. Past the pastures and vistas. Past the crazy  huge dogs that now  had dirty bellies from playing in the mud. Down the hill to the next curve and it was a straight shot home. With quite a ways left I started kicking. And kicking. It was the longest I had ever sprinted so far. It seemed as though every kick  I took the clock got faster! I was running as fast as I can and it seemed like I was in slow motion! If I could just get to the finish line before another second passed! The clock just kept ticking forward.

This was was great because I had a very slight cramp that didn’t really bother me, I was able to sprint from a farther distance to the finish line, my soleus and gastro didn’t hurt once and my feet felt great!

I have another race in two weeks and I’m certainly going to practice running before that one. I would like to get faster someday.  I find that no matter how much you train that each race is going to be different and you really shouldn’t critique yourself too much on performance. One race could be flat, nice weather, you feel great. Another race could be too warm, hilly, you don’t feel good. All the training you do still doesn’t control for everything that could happen on race day. The goal is to be okay with that.


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